Asset Based Loans

Asset Based loans are mortgages meant for individuals with non-traditional income, typically people with substantial assets but no real income. Think of a high-net-worth individual who wants a mortgage but doesn’t actually work.

Asset Based can also be used to supplement other income to help lower the debt-to-income ratio and meet ability-to-repay requirements, subject to certain limitations.

We have a couple of options for this program based on qualified assets and credit score, borrower may not have less than $450k in liquid assets. Here are the minimums to establish your eligible monthly income based on your assets:

  1. 1.5 times the loan balance (net of down payment, closing costs, and required reserves ), or 
  2. $1mm in Qualified Assets (net of down payment, closing costs, and required reserves )

  • Monthly Income = Net Qualified Assets / 60 Months

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