Our Investor Loans program is designed for investment, non-owner-occupied loans that are designated for business purposes only. This program does not require disclosure of employment or income and is not to be confused with investment property loans qualified under any other program.

We simply establish your Ability to Repay (ATR) by just reviewing your credit score and how the subject property will cash flow.  The cash flow is determined via a Debt-Service Coverage Ratio formula, or DSCR.   

DSCR= subject property (Rent Amount / Proposed PITIA). 

To establish the Rent Amount, we use the lower of the (a) executed lease agreement or (b) market rent from appraisal form 1007 and then just divide by the proposed PITIA. If the executed lease agreement reflects a higher monthly rent, it may be used in the calculation when evidence of receipt of the higher amount for the 3 most recent, consecutive months is provided. No limitation on number of properties financed.

Based on your credit score and that DSCR result, we may be able to go as high as 85% loan to value

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