Mortgage Home Loans After Bankruptcy in Arizona

If you have filed for bankruptcy, here’s what you should know about obtaining loans after bankruptcy in Arizona.  After you have filed for bankruptcy, you do have some options for home loans in Arizona with Castle Rock Mortgage. 

Our waiting periods are lenient and will allow you to start your path to your homeownership goals much sooner than you may have expected or have been told through Banks.  

How to Get a Mortgage After Bankruptcy in Arizona
Although traditional mortgage products require that a minimum of 2-4 years have passed after your bankruptcy discharge date based on the type of Bankruptcy Chapter filed, Castle Rock Mortgage has added flexibility with our additional products to allow us to provide a much shorter seasoning or waiting period to help you achieve your homeownership goals faster. 

Here are some examples of our shortened waiting periods:
*Ch 7/11 - FICO 600, 1+ yr from discharge with No dismissal seasoning
*Ch 13 - FICO 600, 1+ year from filing date

Loans after bankruptcy in Arizona are within your reach at Castle Rock Mortgage. 

Start Over the Smart Way with Castle Rock Mortgage! 

Here at Castle Rock Mortgage, we understand that life happens and we unlock all options for you in our mortgage financing world. 

Get back on the saddle by getting in touch with Castle Rock Mortgage and ask about how we can help with home loans and mortgage refinance in Arizona!